About Campy

🙌 Campy is a community of happy campers!

Gathered around the most easy-to-use European camping-app out there. Campy = Clear, Quick and Helpful.

🏕 We bring you freedom and adventure

Campy provides the best possible information and inspiration on campsites and motorhome stops all over Europe. How? By tapping into the biggest database on the planet, You!

At Campy everyone can update information and share experiences to help other campers.

🙏 Helping you find your next perfect stop

Every great campsite and hidden gem is added by fellow Campy users. So, the number of locations keeps on growing and growing! This same community also adds reviews, photos and all relevant additional campground info you need to know.

🆓 Our app will always stay free of charge

We believe in the power of our community. All locations, photos and reviews will always be free of charge and accessible to everybody at any time.

🤔 The idea for Campy was born in the summer of 2017

Driving through Europe in their little red camper van, Gijs and Eefje were using several camping apps, but they could not find a user-friendly app with all locations in Europe, big or small. This sparked the idea to create a free community-based app for all the campers out there.

👨‍💻🦸 A story of two passionate campers & startup entrepreneurs

Gijs is the tech nerd & app designer, who is working his magic to improve Campy every single day.

Laurens does the sales & marketing. He is on a mission to grow Campy into the biggest camping community out there.

We both love camping and believe that it is the sustainable future of travel. But we love Campy even more! We are 1000% committed to making Campy the best camping app to ever exist.

🚐 A journey that starts with you!

1. Download the app  (Apple / Android)

2. Add your hidden gems

3. Share your experience: add photos & reviews or update campsite details

And above all: Become a happy camper!


Campy Web V.0.20


If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us through: