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Location: Radlje ob Dravi
Location type: vanRadlje ob DraviSlovenia

Located at the Water park Radlje ob Dravi, amazing views, a lot of entertainment. No service. Sometimes a bit crowded place. Beautiful walking possibilities.


Location: Tržič
Location type: vanTržičSlovenia

Located right next to the road, easily accessible place. Quiet during the night. Basic sanitary facilities and services. Everything you need can be found nearby.


Location: Plana & Bar 66
Location type: campPlana & Bar 66 Slovenia

Family friendly campsite located in a tranquil area, with excellent sanitary facilities, nice bar, children's playground and cycling, walking and horseback riding opportunities.


Location: Jezero Kočevje
Location type: vanJezero KočevjeSlovenia

Motorhome space located by a campsite, close to the lake, with excellent sanitary facilities, perfect for hiking and walking in the area.



rating: 55

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Location type: vanLevcSlovenia

Camperstop located at the parking lot of the hotel.


Location: Masarykova
Location type: vanMasarykovaSlovenia

Small parking space, great location, everything you need is nearby. Basic facilities and services on-site. The maximum stay is 1 night.


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Location type: vanLjubljana - DobrunjeSlovenia

RV park located at a private property, with spacious pitches and excellent sanitary facilities, great spot for visiting Ljubljana and both short term and overnight stays.


Location: Tinarafting
Location type: campTinaraftingSlovenia

Campsite located by the Sava river, with well maintained sanitary facilities, perfect for river rafting, kayaking, paragliding and plenty of other activities available on-site.


Location: Izola
Location type: vanIzolaIzola, Slovenia

Camperstop located at the marina, without sanitary facilities, very close to POIs, shops and restaurants, quiet during night hours therefore good for an overnight stay.



rating: 33

Location: Vrbinc
Location type: vanVrbincSlovenia

Motorhome parking located next to a guesthouse with a restaurant, with excellent sanitary facilities, close to Ljubljana and near shops and restaurants.


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Location type: vanSermin Slovenia

RV park located at the bus and train station, with basic sanitary facilities, good spot for a short term stay as the area can be quite noisy due to traffic.


Location: San Simon Resort
Location type: vanSan Simon Resort Slovenia

Motorhome parking located next to a hotel resort and close to the beach, with basic sanitary facilities and available throughout the whole year.