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Location type: vanRitter KellerSlovenia

Place for and motorhomes equipped with drinking water, waste water and chemical toilet. In wintertime you have direct access to ski slopes.


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Location type: vanHaloze Slovenia

Camperstop located in a peaceful area, with basic sanitary facilities and spacious pitches, close to hiking and cycling trails, overnight stay allowed.


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Location type: campPivka JamaSlovenia

Located just 4 km from Postojna Cave. There is a lot of entertainment and activities such as table tennis, boules, swimming pool, tennis courts, playground for beach volleyball and a playground for basketball. Plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing and horseback riding.


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Location type: campRadovljicaSlovenia

Quiet, well organized and comfortable campsite. Excellent swimming pool area. There is a restaurant, pizzeria and bar.


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Location type: campZlatorog BohinjSlovenia

Located in the Triglav National Park, breathtaking views, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Wide range of facilities.


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Location type: natureCankovaSlovenia

Flat area, excellent fishing possibilities, next to the lake. Really quiet a night.


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Location type: natureBelaSlovenia

Surrounded by greenery, nice panoramic views. Very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.


Location: Polovnik
Location type: campPolovnik Slovenia

Campsite located next to the Triglav National Park, with clean sanitary facilities, close to a restaurant, perfect for river rafting and hiking in the nearby mountains.


Location: Pri Belokranjcu
Location type: vanPri BelokranjcuSlovenia

This camper stop consists of two locations. The first is located next to a hotel with a restaurant and basic sanitary facilities. Excellent for short-term stay. The second is situated next to the town castle, a 2 min. drive from the hotel. Facilities include: bathrooms, showers, water, electricity, wifi. Check in is at the hotel reception.


Location: Cvet gora - kamping, glamping & accommodations Jezersko
Location type: campCvet gora - kamping, glamping & accommodations JezerskoSlovenia

Family-friendly campsite with excellent sanitary facilities, located in a beautiful, idyllic area with amazing mountain views, small snack bar, children's playground and excellent fishing, hiking and bicycle tours in the area.


Location: Tourist Farm Lojtrnik
Location type: vanTourist Farm Lojtrnik Slovenia

Motorhome parking located by a tourist farmhouse, with basic sanitary facilities, quiet area, great for an overnight stay.


Location: Veri Krajnik
Location type: vanVeri Krajnik Slovenia

Motorhome parking located in a quiet area, with basic sanitary facilities, excellent views and available all year round.