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Location type: campAdria AnkaranSlovenia

Campsite situated within a resort, right by the beach, with modern facilities, heated outdoor swimming pools, on site restaurant, children's playground, bar, wellness centre and many more.


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Location type: naturePodgradSlovenia

Small camping spot, without facilities and services. There is not much to do in the area.


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Location type: natureŠmarjeSlovenia

Located on a hill, a former bar location. Nice views, quiet environment, natural surroundings.


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Location type: natureSoricaSlovenia

Surrounded by pine trees, grass terrain. Located very close to the restaurant Restavracija Lajnar.


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Location type: natureSava BohinjkaSlovenia

Located very close to the Sava Bohinjka bridge. Quiet place without services.


Location: Livada
Location type: vanLivadaSlovenia

Small rest area with basic services. Located very close to the road, quiet at night. Friendly managers. Very close to the river and shops and restaurants.


Location: Triglav
Location type: campTriglavSlovenia

Very nice camping area, good pitches, grass terrain. Everything you need can be found within walking distance. Basic facilities, nice pitches and great views on site, excellent for hiking and cycling trips.


Location: Danica
Location type: campDanicaSlovenia

Family friendly campsite located close to the river, with excellent sanitary facilities, children's playgrounds, restaurant, snack bar and excellent cycling and walking routes in the area.


Location: Bled
Location type: vanBledSlovenia

Clean and quiet place, nearby you can find a gas station and a supermarket. Located 15 minutes walk from the lake. Excellent service.



rating: 11

Location: Center Kekec
Location type: campCenter Kekec Slovenia

Family-friendly campsite located in a beautiful green area, with well-maintained sanitary facilities, children's play area, vending machine and close to shops and restaurants.



rating: 4.54.5

Location: Bogenšperk
Location type: vanBogenšperk Slovenia

Motorhome parking space close to the Bogenšperk Castle, without sanitary facilities, perfect for short-term stay and visiting the castle.


Location: Vrbje
Location type: vanVrbjeSlovenia

Motorhome parking located in a quiet area, with basic sanitary facilities, available throughout the whole year and close to a fishing pond.