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Location type: campPivka JamaSlovenia

Located just 4 km from Postojna Cave. There is a lot of entertainment and activities such as table tennis, boules, swimming pool, tennis courts, playground for beach volleyball and a playground for basketball. Plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing and horseback riding.


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Location type: campRadovljicaSlovenia

Quiet, well organized and comfortable campsite. Excellent swimming pool area. There is a restaurant, pizzeria and bar.


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Location type: campZlatorog BohinjSlovenia

Located in the Triglav National Park, breathtaking views, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Wide range of facilities.


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Location type: natureCankovaSlovenia

Flat area, excellent fishing possibilities, next to the lake. Really quiet a night.


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Location type: natureBelaSlovenia

Surrounded by greenery, nice panoramic views. Very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.


Location: Polovnik
Location type: campPolovnik Slovenia

Campsite located next to the Triglav National Park, with clean sanitary facilities, close to a restaurant, perfect for river rafting and hiking in the nearby mountains.


Location: Pri Belokranjcu
Location type: vanPri BelokranjcuSlovenia

This camper stop consists of two locations. The first is located next to a hotel with a restaurant and basic sanitary facilities. Excellent for short-term stay. The second is situated next to the town castle, a 2 min. drive from the hotel. Facilities include: bathrooms, showers, water, electricity, wifi. Check in is at the hotel reception.


Location: Cvet gora - kamping, glamping & accommodations Jezersko
Location type: campCvet gora - kamping, glamping & accommodations JezerskoSlovenia

Family-friendly campsite with excellent sanitary facilities, located in a beautiful, idyllic area with amazing mountain views, small snack bar, children's playground and excellent fishing, hiking and bicycle tours in the area.


Location: Tourist Farm Lojtrnik
Location type: vanTourist Farm Lojtrnik Slovenia

Motorhome parking located by a tourist farmhouse, with basic sanitary facilities, quiet area, great for an overnight stay.


Location: Veri Krajnik
Location type: vanVeri Krajnik Slovenia

Motorhome parking located in a quiet area, with basic sanitary facilities, excellent views and available all year round.


Location: Braslovče
Location type: vanBraslovčeSlovenia

Small camperstop, well maintained and clean. Basic facilities and services. Family and friendly atmosphere.


Location: Ljubljana Resort
Location type: campLjubljana ResortSlovenia

Campsite located at the resort, by the river and close to the city centre, with excellent sanitary facilities, spa and wellness centre, aquatic area with heated outdoor swimming pool, children's play area, on-site restaurant, sports field and beach volleyball.