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Location: Ställplats Hunnebostrand
Location type: vanStällplats HunnebostrandSweden

Located 1.5km away from the center. Around the area there are: marina, stores, hotel, movie theater. Available activities: hiking, biking, fishing, swimming.


Location: Gasthamn Vasteras
Location type: vanGasthamn VasterasSweden

Large parking area, clean and well maintained place. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal. Good location, everything you need can be found nearby.


Location: Stellplatz Sjötorp
Location type: vanStellplatz SjötorpSweden

Camperstop at the docks with good facilities and beautiful surroundings.


Location: Sandhamn Marine
Location type: vanSandhamn MarineSweden

Campestop at the harbor. Office and shop are in the main building next to the parking lot. There is also a restaurant


Location: Ramsjö
Location type: vanRamsjöSweden

Located in very quiet and peaceful area, surrounded by greenery. Beautiful walking and cycling possibilities. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal.


Location: Södra
Location type: vanSödraSweden

Wide and spacious place, located right next to the Föreningen Bevara Ångaren Östersund. Basic services.


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Location type: vanSkatåsSweden

Camperstop located in a beautiful area, very peaceful during night hours, basic sanitary facilities and well-maintained pitches available on-site.


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Location type: vanEkerödsrastenEkeröd, Sweden

Camperstop located at the guesthouse, with an on-site restaurant, spacious pitches and basic sanitary facilities, just off the main road, great spot for a short-term stay


Location: Oderljunga Mölla
Location type: parkingOderljunga MöllaSweden

Located 0.9km from Oderljunga and 8.5km from Perstorp. Around can be found Oderljunga Mölla museum. Good hiking possibilities.


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Location type: natureGärdsjönRisede, Sweden

Located 6.5km from the center, nearby the lake Gärdsjön. Excellent for fishing. Hiking tours included.


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Location type: vanRastplats LimedsforsenSweden

Located 4.5 km from the center and 750 from Limedsforsen. Around can be found restaurant. Available activities hiking tours.


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Location type: natureRastplats HäggsjövikSweden

Located 2km from Häggsjövik, nearby the lake Häggsjövik. That offers excellent possibilities for fishing and swimming. Other avilable activities are hiking tours in the woods.