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Location: Parque da Palmeira
Location type: vanParque da PalmeiraAlbufeira, Portugal

Good place to stop by, very close to the city center. Many facilities, there is everything you need.



rating: 55

Location: Comporta
Location type: vanComportaComporta, Portugal

Dusty parking area, very well located place, there are many restaurants, bars and shops nearby. 2 km away from the sea. Quiet during the night.



rating: 33

Location: Geres
Location type: vanGeresPortugal

Wide and spacious place, surrounded by many restaurants. Very close to the roas, easily accessible place. There is everything you need.


Location: Praia Da Vagueira
Location type: vanPraia Da VagueiraPortugal

Great location, right next to the beautiful sandy beach. Many facilities and services can be found nearby. Beautiful panoramic views. Very quiet environment.


Location: O Farol
Location type: parkingO FarolMoncarapacho, Portugal

Parking at the snack bar, located between the N125 and the Ria Formosa. Very peaceful environment


Location: Côja
Location type: campCôja Portugal

Campsite located right by the river, with basic sanitary facilities, good pitches and hiking/cycling and swimming possibilities in the area.


Location: Pichoses
Location type: campPichosesRio Caldo, Portugal

Small and simple camp site with clean facilities. Very well maintained place. Beautiful natural surroundings.



rating: 44

Location: Tavira
Location type: vanTaviraTavira, Portugal

Camperstop located on the outskirts, with basic sanitary facilities, shops and restaurants available a short walk away.



rating: 44

Location: Merujal
Location type: vanMerujalPortugal

Camperstop located in a beautiful area, next to excellent hiking and cycling routes, with basic sanitary facilities and electricity, secluded area, very peaceful therefore perfect for an overnight stay.


Location: Quinta da Padrela
Location type: vanQuinta da PadrelaPortugal

Excellent place, free camper stop and wine tasting. Pets are allowed if on a lead.



rating: 55

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Location type: vanOvarOvar, Portugal

Camperstop located close to the beach, shops and restaurants, with basic sanitary facilities, good for walking, swimming or cycling trips, a few POIs also available in the area.


No image
Location type: vanLagosLagos, Portugal

A very small parking space for mobile homes or vans or just to dispose of the chemical toilet.