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Location: Parking LIDL
Location type: vanParking LIDLNazaré, Portugal

Parking lot at the supermarket Lidl, without facilities. You can stay here for 24 hours.


Location: Parking Remedios
Location type: vanParking RemediosPeniche, Portugal

Nice place, right next to the restaurants, cafes and shops. Surrounded by residential houses.


Location: Melides Beach
Location type: natureMelides BeachMelides, Portugal

Beautiful wild camping spot, located along the beach. There are a few bars and restaurants nearby. The ideal place to rest.



rating: 44

Location: Merujal
Location type: vanMerujalPortugal

Camperstop located in a beautiful area, next to excellent hiking and cycling routes, with basic sanitary facilities and electricity, secluded area, very peaceful therefore perfect for an overnight stay.


Location: Parque Natural da Ria Formosa
Location type: sightParque Natural da Ria FormosaQuelfes, Portugal

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is a natural park, one of the most beautiful places of the Algarve. This place was classified as a Natural Park in 1987. Amazing landscape.


Location: Acantilados praia do Amado
Location type: natureAcantilados praia do AmadoPortugal

Impressive site, km of dirt roads on the edge of cliffs with views 10. Just continue behind the restaurant 'Sitio do Forno' and choose where to park overlooking the Atlantic. No WC (unless you use the restaurant) or water.


Location: Parque de campismo da Penha
Location type: campParque de campismo da PenhaGuimarães, Portugal

Located at the top of the Penha Mountain. Amazing park around. You can use the swimming pool. Beautiful walking trails to the church. There is a snackbar with pizza's, steaks and fish. Bread to order. There is also a cable car to the center.


Location: Viana do Castelo
Location type: vanViana do CasteloDarque, Portugal

Located right next to the small beach. Very calm and tranquil atmosphere. Good place for fishing and boating.


Location: Area Esposende
Location type: vanArea EsposendeEsposende, Portugal

Simple parking area with spacious pitches. Good facilities and services. Walking distance to the center.


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Location type: vanOvarOvar, Portugal

Camperstop located close to the beach, shops and restaurants, with basic sanitary facilities, good for walking, swimming or cycling trips, a few POIs also available in the area.


Location: Area di sosta camper Praia da Vagueira
Location type: vanArea di sosta camper Praia da VagueiraPortugal

Great place with sea view, right next to the sandy beach. Close to the bar restaurant. Rest area with good facilities and services.


Location: Ponta da Piedade
Location type: sightPonta da PiedadeLagos, Portugal

Ponta da Piedade is a group of rock formations, located along the coastline of the town of Lagos. Stunning place, amazing views. One of the most famous tourist attractions of Portugal. You can explore the place from the landside via coastline footpaths, or from the sea, as part of a boat tour.