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Location: Vila Nova de Gaia
Location type: vanVila Nova de GaiaVila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Wide and spacious parking space overlooking the Douro river. Nearby you can find shopping mall, supermarket and a restaurants.


Location: São Martinho do Porto
Location type: vanSão Martinho do PortoSão Martinho do Porto, Portugal

Small parking area, located at the roundabout. There is a nice restaurant within walking distance. Very close to the beach.


Location: Parking Alcoutim
Location type: vanParking AlcoutimAlcoutim, Portugal

Nice place in very quiet area. The village is very pleasant. Many facilities, everything is clean.


Location: Parque de Merendas de Bentos
Location type: natureParque de Merendas de BentosVaqueiros, Portugal

Small and quiet village with mountain view. Close to the river.


Location: Parking Castelo de Monsaraz
Location type: parkingParking Castelo de MonsarazPortugal

Great and wide spot with an amazing view, right on the castle walls.


Location: Parking
Location type: vanParkingPortugal

Nice camper stop, beside the Guadiana river, about a 500m from Spain. No shops, no markets nearby.


Location: Parking Barragem da Bravura
Location type: natureParking Barragem da BravuraPortugal

Small camper stop, next to the beautiful lake. Beautiful landscape. The perfect place for rest. Low traffic. You can stay here for 7 days.


Location: Praia do Malhao
Location type: vanPraia do MalhaoVila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Nice parking area with sea view. Right above the beautiful sandy beach. You can stay here for 72 hours.


Location: Pinhão
Location type: parkingPinhãoPortugal

Parking space, next to the bar. Close to the markets and shops. Nice view.



rating: 33

Location: Barregem da Santa Luzia
Location type: parkingBarregem da Santa LuziaPortugal

Free parking space in cool area. The facilities, services, shops and the restaurants are nearby. Clean place.


Location: Quinta da Cerejeira
Location type: vanQuinta da CerejeiraPortugal

Quiet campsite, surrounded by lots of trees. Well maintained with great facilities. Very clean place.


Location: Figueiró dos Vinhos
Location type: parkingFigueiró dos VinhosFigueiró dos Vinhos, Portugal

Wide and spacious stopping place. Very close to the city center. You can stay here for 48 hours.