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Location: U baby Agi i Kawiarnia
Location type: vanU baby Agi i KawiarniaKąty Rybackie, Poland

Small parking space, located very close to the beach. Good location, everything you need can be found within walking distance. Family and friendly atmosphere.


Location: Marzanna
Location type: vanMarzannaZdory, Poland

Quiet and peaceful environment. Good location, direct access to the lake. Family and friendly atmosphere. Great hiking and cycling trails.


Location: Majątek Giże Marczak
Location type: vanMajątek Giże MarczakGiże, Poland

Situated in the village of Giże, very quiet and calm environment. Surrounded by a lots of trees and greenery. Beautiful view of the lake. There is everything you need.


Location: U Gadomskich
Location type: parkingU GadomskichPrzytuły Stare, Poland

Very well maintained and clean place, surrounded by pure nature. Friendly and helpful staff. Quiet and calm environment.


Location: Krutyńska
Location type: parkingKrutyńskaKrutyń, Poland

Located at the restaurant Krutyńska. The center of the city is within walking distance. Delicious food, excellent service. Many facilities can be found nearby.


Location: Dudek
Location type: parkingDudekMniów, Poland

Located at the hotel Dudek, many facilities and services can be found within walking distance. Kind and helpful staff. There is everything you need.


Location: DRAWA
Location type: vanDRAWAPrzesieki, Poland

Located very close to the Drawieński National Park, surrounded by forests, lakes and the Drawa River. Quiet and peaceful environment. Family and friendly atmosphere.


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Location type: vanJachtowa Świnoujście, Poland

Camperstop located at the marina and close to sandy beaches, shops, restaurants and excellent POIs, with basic sanitary facilities on-site, great spot for both short term and overnight stay.


Location: Gosciniec Jurajski
Location type: campGosciniec Jurajski Podlesice, Poland

Camping in the woods. In the neighborhood you can walk well and climb mountains. Large field with power supply only at the edges.


Location: WOK Warszawa
Location type: campWOK WarszawaWarszawa, Poland

Quiet and centrally located campsite, clean sanitary facilities and services. Located very close to the river, beautiful panoramic views.



rating: 44

Location: Clepardia
Location type: campClepardiaKraków, Poland

Small campsite in the city of Krakow. Places ideal for the caravan and camper with paved places. Ideal for visiting Krakow. By bus or by bike. About 4.5 km from the old center.


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Location type: vanMarina PuławyPuławy, Poland

Camperstop located at the marina, with basic sanitary facilities and close to a few shops and restaurants, great spot for a short term stay.