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Location: De Beukenhof
Location type: campDe BeukenhofWell, Netherlands

Campsite located in a peaceful area, with multi sports field, horse and pony stable, children's playground, well maintained sanitary facilities and spacious pitches.


Location: t Zinkviooltje
Location type: campt ZinkviooltjeEpen, Netherlands

Campsite located in a peaceful area, with good sanitary facilities, spacious pitches, bike rental, on site bistro and multi sports area.


Location: Boerhoes
Location type: campBoerhoesDalfsen, Netherlands

Quiet farm campsite, with spacious pitches. Surrounded by pure nature, great walks in the area. Maximum length is 6.5 meter, maximum weight is 2250kg.


Location: Erve Roos
Location type: vanErve RoosBeltrum, Netherlands

Rural camper place where you can walk and cycle beautifully in the area on the Kerke paths the village Beltrum where a Baker is Supermarket, gas station, café snack bar, restaurant café, bicycle repair shop and surrounding farmers with their own products the city of Groenlo 4 km further Borculo Eibergen Ruurlo with all their own gems Owner Berkeland hosts walking and cycling tours to discover the gems of the area.


Location: Biezenhoeve
Location type: vanBiezenhoeve Lopikerkapel, Netherlands

Motorhome parking located in a green, peaceful family farm area, with sanitary facilities. Dogs are allowed.


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Location type: vanDe BijenstalOpperdoes, Netherlands

Camperstop located next to the apiary and restaurant, with basic sanitary facilities including restrooms, quiet area but shops, POIs and restaurants are reachable by foot.


Location: Medemblik
Location type: vanMedemblikMedemblik, Netherlands

Wide and spacious parking area, located at the marina. Basic facilities and services. Natural surroundings.



rating: 4.54.5

Location: Schagen
Location type: vanSchagenSchagen, Netherlands

Spacious parking area, situated at the marina, beautiful view, quiet environment. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal. The maximum stay is 3 nights.



rating: 11

Location: De Elf Ieken
Location type: campDe Elf Ieken Elsloo, Netherlands

Former livestock farm has now been completely converted into a recreational location with indoor and outdoor play facilities. A campsite with 25 spacious pitches and a new sanitary building.


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Location type: parkingHardemanWijk en Aalburg, Netherlands

Camperstop located next to the bakery, without sanitary facilities, short term stay allowed.


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Location type: vanDe KraalVenlo, Netherlands

Camperstop located next to the restaurant and gas station, with basic sanitary facilities and a spacious parking lot.


Location: De Zeven Linden
Location type: campDe Zeven LindenBaarn, Netherlands

Campsite De Zeven Linden is surrounded by greenery. They offer wide and spacious pitches on grassy terrain. Good facilities and services.