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Location type: vanHet SchuttersplekDrogeham, Netherlands

Campsite and camperstop located on the outskirts, with basic sanitary facilities and grass pitches, great spot for an overnight stay.


Location: Stoker
Location type: campStokerDe Veenhoop, Nederland

SVR campsite located on open waters in a quiet area, next to a nature reserve where you can enjoy a walk. It is a place where it is still really quiet. The canal on which the campsite is situated is suitable for swimming, fishing and you can canoe for free in different types of canoes. Located next to a dairy farm, where you can buy fresh milk. There are also eggs for sale (while supplies last). You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the covered tea garden. In the evening, guests can light a cozy fire. Dogs are allowed, provided they are on a leash.


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Location type: campDe KrententerpZuidwolde, Netherlands

Camping located in a beautiful area, close to public transportation, hiking and cycling trails, with spacious pitches and well maintained sanitary facilities. You need a membership of the NCC to stay here.


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Location type: vanHilaridesPingjum, Netherlands

Spacious camperstop located on a farm, with well maintained sanitary facilities, barbecue area, great hiking and cycling trails, great spot for an overnight stay.



rating: 2.52.5

Location: Helenawerf
Location type: vanHelenawerfRoermond, Nederland

Located on the Meuse. The center of Roermond is less than 250 meters away. The sanitary facilities are closed in winter.


Location: Landgoed Julianahoeve
Location type: campLandgoed JulianahoeveHelenaveen, Netherlands

Nice new campsite. Some things are still under construction. Large field surrounded by forest and natural landscape. Beautiful view, in a quiet area. Nice starting point for cycling and walking.


Location: Almere
Location type: vanAlmereAlmere, Netherlands

Small parking space, basic facilities and services. Nearby you can find many restaurants, shops and bars. Beautiful panoramic view. You can stay here up to 3 days. Electricity available through the "AanUit" app.



rating: 3.53.5

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Location type: vanZeeburgAmsterdam, Netherlands

Camperstop located in a peaceful area, close to cycling trails as well as Amsterdam's center with plenty of POIs, shops and restaurants.


Location: Klein Leliendale
Location type: campKlein LeliendaleMiddelburg, Netherlands

Wide and spacious pitches. Clean sanitary facilities, including 2 washing places. There are 2 fridges / freezers, washing machine / dryer and a coffee machine.


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Location type: parkingLelystadLelystad, Netherlands

RV park located next to the spacious, mixed parking lot, without sanitary facilities and within a walking distance to the beach, POIs, shops and restaurants.



rating: 22

Location: Grote Leigraaf
Location type: vanGrote LeigraafKlarenbeek, Netherlands

Camperstop at a dairy farm in Klarenbeek.



rating: 55

Location: Purmerend
Location type: vanPurmerendPurmerend, Netherlands

Camperstop located in a peaceful area, with water and electicity, close to POIs, shops and restaurants. Maximum stay is 3 days.



rating: 44