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Location type: vanAtlas Lake InnMorocco

Motorhome space located next to a restaurant and right by the lake, with basic facilities, great, quiet place, perfect for an overnight stay.

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Location type: parkingEl OuatiaMorocco

Motorhome parking located at the beach, hiking tours available and fishing possible in the area.

Price: ?

Location: Gite D'etape La Cathedrale
Location type: vanGite D'etape La CathedraleMorocco

Motorhome parking next to a hotel, basic sanitary facilities, on-site restaurant with great food, swimming pool, hiking tours possible in the area.

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Location type: vanKariat-ArkmaneKariat Arekmane, Morocco

Parking lot opposite a restaurant and close to the beach, without sanitary facilities, great for short-term stay.

Price: ?

Location: MaisonD'hotes Nouflla
Location type: campMaisonD'hotes NoufllaMorocco

Calm and warm campsite, with beautiful panoramic view of southern Morocco. Helpful reception, nice restaurant. 3-minute walk to the historic famous kasbah.

Price: ?

Location: Oued Boufekrane
Location type: campOued BoufekraneBoufakrane, Morocco

Small campsite, very well located, many restaurants, bars and shops can be found within walking distance.

Price: ?

Location: Les Pyramides Hotel Merzouga
Location type: campLes Pyramides Hotel MerzougaMerzouga, Morocco

Located in the desert, amazing surroundings, quiet environment. Friendly staff, there is everything you need.

Price: ?

Location: Riad Ouzine Merzouga
Location type: campRiad Ouzine MerzougaHassilabied, Morocco

Very welcoming place, excellent staff, nice swimming pool. Excellent location, good starting point for a trip in the desert with the camels.

Price: ?

Location: La Kasbah d'Ouzoud
Location type: campLa Kasbah d'OuzoudMorocco

Calm and tranquil Berber-style guesthouse, located very close to the boat rides at the famous Ouzoud Falls. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal.


Location: Auberge Camping Bassou
Location type: campAuberge Camping BassouNkob, Morocco

Campsite located in a quiet area with an on-site shop, basic sanitary facilities, guest rooms, restaurant and biking and hiking tours available in the area.


Location: Serdrar
Location type: campSerdrarAit Oulhyane, Morocco

Campsite located within a hostel, with restaurant on-site, basic sanitary facilities, biking and hiking tours possible.


Location: Ouadjou
Location type: campOuadjouNkoub, Morocco

Campsite located within a hotel, basic sanitary facilities, on-site restaurant, swimming pool, hiking tours available and camel rides possible on demand.