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Location: Reiler Weier
Location type: campReiler WeierReuler, Luxembourg

Lovely campsite located near a river, excellent sanitary facilities, snack bar and pizzeria, children's playground, table tennis, games room, perfect for fishing and cycling.



rating: 11

Location: Simmerschmelz
Location type: campSimmerschmelzSimmerschmelz, Luxembourg

Cozy and family camp site. Many activities and services.



rating: 22

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Location type: sightBlast furnaceEsch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Two standing giants in a campus of the University of Luxembourg, surrounded by the modern buildings of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. Remain as a tribute to Luxembourg's metallurgical past.


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Location type: sightHohllay cave Berdorf, Luxembourg

The "Hohllay" means "hollow stone“, it is a rock hollowed out by man. Already the Romans have gained their stones in this area for their buildings. Located in a forested area of the Little Switzerland section of Luxembourg, the Hohllay Cave has been the site of mining since medieval times.


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Location type: sightBock CasematesLuxembourg, Luxembourg

The first underground tunnels were built in 1644, in the era of the Spanish domination. The 23-kilometre long galleries, the fortress ramparts and the historically impressive Old Town enjoy international reputation: in 1994 UNESCO listed Luxembourg's old town and fortifications including the casemates as World Heritage.


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Location type: sightSchiessentümpel/ Schéissendëmpel WaterfallLuxembourg

The famous bridge, which today is the symbol of the region, was built within four months only, between March 20 and July 27, 1879, by the stonemason Jean-Pierre Prommenschenkel from Christnach. The waterfall is situated just about 500 m away from the parking. You can walk along the road or take Mullerthal Trail Route 3 towards Mullerthal.


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Location type: sightEsch-sur-Sûre CastleEsch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

Esch-sur-Sûre Castle, now a ruin, is located on a spur in the small town of Esch-sur-Sûre in the north-west of Luxembourg. It is naturally protected by a sharp meander in the River Sûre which surrounds the town and the castle on three side. First built around 920, the castle was originally an eight-meter-tall tower atop the tallest hill in the area.


Location: De la Sure
Location type: campDe la SureReisdorf, Luxembourg

Very well located, close to the river. Friendly environment.



rating: 55

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Location type: parkingLëtzebuergLëtzebuerg, Luxembourg

Quiet little place . Close to the center Airplanes flying low until 23.00 Narrow roads .


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Location type: campCamping RelaxWaldbillig, Luxembourg

Quiet campsite with many permanent pitches and a culinary restaurant at the front. Camper place at the back of the campsite and with an unobstructed view of the fields. Beautiful walks through the Mullertal within easy reach. Sanitary not new but clean.


Location: Vianden
Location type: vanViandenVianden, Luxembourg

Quiet and comfortable parking area, surrounded by the greenery. Family and friendly atmosphere. There is everything you need.



rating: 4.54.5

Location: Kaul
Location type: vanKaulWiltz, Luxembourg

Located near Wiltz, the capital of the Luxembourg Ardennes. Close to the Obersauer nature park. Located in front of a campsite. Allows you to stay up to 24 hours. Camping behaviour is not allowed.



rating: 44