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Location: Arena
Location type: vanArenaBudapest, Hungary

The ideal place for someone who wants to visit Budapest. Good facilities and excellent service. Many shops and supermarkets can be found nearby.



rating: 3.53.5

Location: Siócamping
Location type: campSiócampingSiófok, Hungary

Peaceful campsite located near a small pond, decent sanitary facilities, on-site restaurant and snack bar, games room for children, table-tennis, beach volleyball, fishing available nearby and hiking and cycling possible in the area.


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Location type: vanOase HalogyHalogy, Hungary

Camperstop located in an idyllic area in western Hungary.


Location: Castrum
Location type: campCastrumKeszthely, Hungary

Family friendly campsite located close to the lake, with excellent sanitary facilities, restaurant, on-site shop, outdoor swimming pool and great hiking/cycling routes nearby.


Location: Bugac Puszta
Location type: vanBugac PusztaBugac, Hungary

Located in the National park, very quiet and peaceful surroundings. Basic facilities and services can be found nearby.


Location: Termálkemping
Location type: campTermálkempingHajdúböszörmény, Hungary

Nice camping area with all necessary facilities and services. Located near thermal baths and swimming pools. Everything is well maintained.


Location: Cegléd
Location type: campCeglédCegléd, Hungary

Well equipped place, great facilities and services. Wide and spacious camping pitches. There is everything you need.


Location: Balatontourist
Location type: campBalatontouristVonyarcvashegy, Hungary

Great place with long, wide and spacious camping pitches, grass terrain. Located in a very quiet and tranquil environment. Clean facilities and services.


Location: Thermal Camping Sárvár
Location type: campThermal Camping Sárvár Sárvár, Hungary

Family friendly campsite located at a thermal bath resort, with excellent sanitary facilities, free access to the spa, children's play area and close to plenty of shops and restaurants.


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Location type: vanÖsék Strandfürdö Ózd, Hungary

Small campsite located close to shops and restaurants, with clean sanitary facilities, children's play area and excellent fishing, cycling and walking opportunities in the area.


Location: Romantik Park
Location type: campRomantik ParkJászszentandrás, Hungary

Well maintained campsite with a heated outdoor swimming pool, basic sanitary facilities, BBQ area and spacious pitches, located in a peaceful area with excellent fishing, hiking and cycling possibilities.


Location: Termál Motel és Kemping
Location type: campTermál Motel és KempingTamási, Hungary

Family friendly campsite located in a peaceful area, with clean sanitary facilities, children's playground, heated indoor and outdoor swimming pool, thermal baths, barbecue area, spa centre and nearby shops and restaurants.