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Location: Tündérkert
Location type: vanTündérkert Gyenesdiás, Hungary

Everything available. Toni the groundskeeper is a warm person who makes sure that everything goes well. Here you have the feeling of standing in a large, wild, romantic garden with grapevines. Shower, toilet, clean and good. Washing machine, electricity, supply and disposal.


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Location type: campAcacia TanyaKocsér, Hungary

Quiet, small campsite run by a hospitable Dutch couple, in a beautiful forest on the edge of the puzta. If you like peace and quiet, you are most welcome with us.


Location: La Petite Étoile
Location type: campLa Petite Étoile Miklósi, Hungary

Small camping space located in a quiet area, close to a shop and a restaurant, with excellent sanitary facilities, perfect for short-term stay. Pets are allowed if on a lead.



rating: 55

Location: Tomaj
Location type: campTomaj Badacsonytomaj, Hungary

Campsite right on Lake Balaton next to a track, but that doesn't bother as it is rarely used. Small snack available. Shops in town.


Location: Magdaléna
Location type: campMagdaléna Kapuvár, Hungary

Well maintained campsite located in a peaceful area, with clean sanitary facilities, barbecue area, spacious pitches and nearby shops and restaurants.



rating: 33

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Location type: vanVPT SopronSopron, Hungary

Camperstop with spacious pitches and well maintained sanitary facilities, located on the outskirts.


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Location type: campBalatontourist FüredBalatonfüred, Hungary

Well equipped camping area, there is a private beach, a children's pool, a swimming pool and a water slide available in summer. Sometimes a bit crowded place.


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Location type: campDutch HillZalacsány, Hungary

Located in a quiet valley near the village of Zalacsány. The ideal place to rest and relax while enjoying nature.


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Location type: campJ&BRinyaújnép, Hungary

Quiet and peaceful campsite, equipped with basic facilities and services. Friendly and helpful owners.


Location: Mindszent
Location type: campMindszentMindszentgodisa, Hungary

Located in the middle of the village Mindszentgodisa. All necessary facilities and services are available.


Location: Família
Location type: campFamíliaPécs, Hungary

Family-run campsite located in Pécs, surrounded by greenery. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal.


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Location type: campMakóMakó, Hungary

Located right on the bank of the River Maros, amazing walking possibilities. Shaded camping pitches.