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Location: Autocamp Opatija
Location type: campAutocamp OpatijaIčići, Croatia

Beautiful spacious camping pitches on different floors. Sanitary facilities sufficient and in good order.


Location: Kamp Tiha Šilo
Location type: campKamp Tiha ŠiloŠilo, Croatia

Campsite located right by the beach, with modern sanitary facilities, sports area, on site restaurant and children's playground.


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Location type: vanStellplatz CvetkovicJezerce, Croatia

Camperstop in middle of beautiful nature near the breathtaking lake Plitvice.


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Location type: vanPlitvice ArtfarmRakovica, Croatia

Camperstop located next to the restaurant with public restroom, caffe bar, bakery, open fire, playground, bike


Location: Selce
Location type: campSelceSelce, Croatia

In the village of Selce, a large luxury campsite with safari tents, houses, apartments and camper pitches. With beach and swimming pool and diving school. Snacking on the beach. A little further an Italian. Boxes for 1 night 46 euros. Including power and wifi


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Location type: vanVita Mia Pazin, Croatia

Camperstop with shaded pitches and basic sanitary facilities, located in a peaceful area.


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Location type: vanPlitvicePlitvička Jezera, Croatia

Camperstop located at the hotel, with basic sanitary facilities for guests, also an on site restaurant available.


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Location type: vanTerme JezerčicaDonja Stubica, Croatia

Camperstop located at the spa center, with basic sanitary facilities and close to shops and restaurants.


Location: ArenA grand Kazela
Location type: campArenA grand KazelaMedulin, Croatia

Directly by the sea with, if desired, a place directly by the sea. Spacious pitches from 100 to 150 m2. Most places have electricity (10A), water connection and drainage. Several sanitary buildings (some slightly outdated sanitary facilities), 1 mega long swimming pool and 1 spacious swimming pool with slide, camping shop and supermarket.


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Location type: parkingOmiš Omiš, Croatia

Dusty park in the middle of Omis, KN 10 per hour, good to spend the night


Location: Umag
Location type: campUmagKarigador, Croatia

Large 4-star campsite with direct access to the beach, modern sanitary facilities, children's playground, games room, barbecue area, well maintained pitches, on site shop and restaurant and heated outdoor swimming pool. Prices vary per pitch type from €22 to €70.


Location: Kleiner Parkplatz
Location type: natureKleiner Parkplatz Baćina, Croatia

A quiet parking space to the right of the main street steeply upwards.