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Location type: vanAvin Thessaloniki, Greece

Camperstop with basic sanitary facilities, close to shops and restaurants, located at the gas station.


Location: Agios Andreas
Location type: parkingAgios AndreasParalia Agiou Andrea, Greece

Parking area, located at the harbor. Calm and quiet place, especially at night. Basic facilities and services nearby.


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Location type: parkingKilini BeachGreece

Place right on the sea Restaurant with cheap food.


Location: Asprovalta
Location type: vanAsprovalta Asprovalta, Greece

Good place to spend the night, located by the beach. Many restaurants, shops and supermarkets nearby. Nice landscape.


Location: Dougas
Location type: vanDougasGreece

Located at the Greek tavern Dougas, great food, helpful and kind staff. Family and friendly atmosphere. There is everything you need. Here you can enjoy quality food at reasonable prices.


Location: Krokees
Location type: parkingKrokeesGreece

Great location, overlooking the beautiful beach. Near you can find restaurant, shower and a bar on the beach. Partially shaded area. No services.


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Location type: vanNostos beach barGreece

Camperstop located next to the beach bar, with basic sanitary facilities nearby, great spot for a day at the beach or an overnight stay.


Location: Metamorfozi
Location type: natureMetamorfoziGreece

Unofficial camper area, located close to the beach, peaceful area great for a short term stay.


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Location type: vanPrevezaGreece

Camperstop located close to the beach, with well maintained sanitary facilities and paved pitches, great spot for a short term stay.


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Location type: natureAgridiaGreece

Unofficial camperstop with direct access to a beautiful beach and close to a beach bar, without sanitary facilities, good spot for a short term stay.


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Location type: campAcrogialiGreece

Located at 25 km north from PREVEZA port and 60 km south from IGOUMENITSA port. Well equipped campsite, there is a restaurant, mini market and playground.


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Location type: campParadisePalouki, Greece

Excellent location, walking distance to the beach, short distance to the thermal baths of Kyllini and the archaeological sites of Olympia of Ilida and Epikouri Apollo. Friendly and helpful staff.