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Location type: vanZacharoGreece

Located at the beachfront, amazing sunsets, nice and helpful host. There is a great beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge.


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Location type: vanVlychadaGreece

Amazing panoramic views, located at the beach, natural surroundings. Quiet environment. Basic facilities and services. The center is 5 km away.


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Location type: vanSarakinaSarakina, Greece

Located close to the road, easily accessible place. Basic facilities and services. Quiet area, especially during the night. The maximum stay is 4 days.


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Location type: vanZalongoGreece

Located at the beachfront, nice views and excellent walking, cycling and swimming possibilities. Nearby you can find a few bars and restaurants.


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Location type: vanParalia ZarakonParalia Zarakon, Greece

Excellent location, right next to the restaurant, direct access to the beautiful beach. Amazing views, quiet area. The maximum stay is 24 hours


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Location type: vanZeppelinGreece

Big parking area, wide and spacious, located close to the road. Quiet and peaceful during the night.


Location: Limnopoula
Location type: campLimnopoulaIoannina, Greece

Campsite located by the lake and next to shops and restaurants, with basic sanitary facilities and shaded pitches, great spot for an overnight stay.



rating: 55

Location: Harbor
Location type: vanHarborKiveri, Greece

Good place to spend the night, located near the beach. Very close to the city center. Many bars and restaurants nearby.


Location: Tsolis
Location type: campTsolisGreece

Beautiful campsite, located very close to the beach. Nice sea view. Many facilities and services nearby.



rating: 44

Location: Tartaruga
Location type: campTartarugaLithakia, Greece

Campsite located by the beach, with beautiful sea views, on-site restaurant with traditional Greek cuisine, shaded pitches, basic sanitary facilities and excellent swimming and diving possibilities.


Location: Zante
Location type: campZanteGreece

Well maintained campsite located close to the beach, with excellent sanitary facilities, on-site restaurant with traditional Greek cuisine, children's playground, small shop, motorbike and car rentals and an outdoor swimming pool.


Location: Koroni
Location type: campKoroniGreece

Nice campsite with good facilities and services, helpful staff. Good swimming pool, restaurant, bar and market. Beautiful view of the town of Koroni.



rating: 55