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Location: Koroni
Location type: campKoroniGreece

Nice campsite with good facilities and services, helpful staff. Good swimming pool, restaurant, bar and market. Beautiful view of the town of Koroni.



rating: 4.54.5

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Location type: campVariko BeachGreece

Excellent location, walking distance to the beach. Everything you need can be found nearby.


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Location type: campKariotesKariotes, Greece

Located in an area of ​​Lefkada, well shaded camping pitches by age-old olives, cypresses, walnuts and eucalyptus trees. There is everything you need.


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Location type: campMitikasLimani Litochorou, Greece

Well located camping area, very close to the sea. Family and friendly atmosphere.


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Location type: campCoralliLivadi, Greece

Well equipped and organized camping area, located very close to the beach. Family and friendly atmosphere.


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Location type: campHeraklia BeachRaralia Panteleimonos, Greece

Located directly on a crystal clear sea with a wide and long sandy beach. All necessary facilities and services are available.


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Location type: campAndrosGavrio, Greece

Located 2 hours from the port of Rafina, and 500 meters from the port of Andros. Beautiful natural surroundings.


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Location type: campKriosKrotiri, Greece

Amazing location, walking distance to the white sand and crystal clear waters. Very quiet during the night.


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Location type: campΧeniCamp Greece

Small and family run campsite, surrounded by nature. One of the best beaches is only 300 m far.


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Location type: campPrinouOrmos Prinou, Greece

Located in a forest, on a peninsula, walking distance to the beach. All necessary facilities and services are at your disposal.


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Location type: campSantoriniMesa Katikies, Greece

Located 350m from the center of Fira, Santorini’s capital town. Well shaded camping pitches.


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Location type: campPlaka NaxosGreece

Located directly on the beach, quiet environment. Family and friendly atmosphere. The ideal place for those who want to rest and relax.