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Location type: campFuturisticSaint-Georges-lès-Baillargeaux, France

Spacious camping pitches (100-120 m²), well organized. Quiet and peaceful environment. Well maintained sanitary facilities and services. Friendly and helpful staff.


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Location type: campLe ParadisMazières, France

Situated in the Charente region of France, in the middle of the french countryside. Close to 'Les Lacs de Haute Charente' (two very large lakes), excellent swimming, fishing, canoeing and windsurfing opportunities.


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Location type: campDomaine de MépillatSaint-Nizier-le-Bouchoux, France

Spacious sunny, partial shade or shaded pitches between 100 and 150 m2, delimited by vegetable hedges. Clean sanitary facilities and services. Flat, grass terrain. Nice views, natural surroundings.


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Location type: campPied MarylineLa Peyratte, France

Calm and tranquil place, located on the edge of the river Thouet. Well shaded pitches, grass terrain. Basic sanitary block. Great walking and fishing possibilities.


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Location type: campAu Bois du CéChanverrie, France

Family and friendly campsite, with 3 sanitary blocks with individual shower cubicles, cabins with washbasin, toilets and crockery. Helpful staff, there is everything you need.


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Location type: campLe Bois DinotMarans, France

Well organized campsite, with sunny, shaded or semi-shaded pitches, delimited by hedges. All necessary facilities and services are available. Quiet during the night.


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Location type: campMarie Grand-Aigueblanche, France

Family campsite, located in the heart of the Tarentaise, in the thermal area of ​​Léchère les Bains. Well organized semi-shaded, with all necessary facilities. Close to the center (700 m).


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Location type: campDomaine naturiste Petits-foursBusserolles, France

Quiet naturist campsite, everything is clean and well maintained. Spacious camping pitches, with all necessary services. Great swimming pool.


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Location type: campDu Fort LapinSangatte, France

Campsite located right by the beach and close to shops and restaurants, with well maintained facilities, children's playground, multi sports field and barbecue area.


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Location type: campLes Amis de la NatureLuttenbach-prés-Munster, France

Campsite located near POIs, shops and restaurants, as well as good cycling trails, with mini golf, ping-pong tables, tennis, badminton, boules court, playground, heated pool, TV room and book corner.


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Location type: campLa Roche MartinPouance, France

Clean and well organized campsite, there is a lot of entertainment such as with canoeing, pedalo, mini-golf and bike rental on the VéloFrancette. Quiet during the night.


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Location type: campLac HautibusArgentonnay, France

Located very close to the river, nice walking possibilities. Spacious pitches, grass terrain. Wide range of facilities and services.