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Location type: campLoma-KoliFinland

Excellent location, nearby you can find many services, café / ski museum, saunas and gym. Basic facilities available.


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Location type: campKarvioFinland

Well equipped camping area, there are 2 service buildings and 2 newly renovated custom saunas. Quiet during the night.


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Location type: campHaminaFinland

Located by the sea about 6km from the center of Hamina. Well shaded pitches, surrounded by a lots of trees.


Location: Matkaparkki Best-Caravan Hyvinkää
Location type: vanMatkaparkki Best-Caravan HyvinkääHyvinkää, Finland

Around this camperstop there are shops for coffee and food, gas station, shopping mall, hotels, tire shop. Available activities: bicycle and hiking tours.


Location: Kerimäki Marina
Location type: vanKerimäki MarinaSavonlinna, Finland

Located 700m away from church of Kerimäki. Offers amazing nature. Excellent for hiking and biking tours.


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Location type: vanNeste KontiomäkiKontiomäki, Finland

Located 17km away from Paltamo. Around the area there are: shops, restaurants, gas station. Available activities: hiking and biking.


Location: Kaunispään Huippu
Location type: vanKaunispään HuippuInari, Finland

Kaunispään Huippu is located 437 meters above sea-level on top of majestic arctic hill Kaunispää. Available activities: hiking, opportunities for winter sports, ice fishing. Around the area there are restaurant and souvenir Shop.


Location: Ahveninen
Location type: vanAhveninenJoensuu, Finland

Located 50km away from Joensuu. Available activities: fishing, swimming, hiking and walking in the nature. Around the area there are some shops.


Location: Teboil Kivihovi
Location type: vanTeboil KivihoviFinland

Located nearby gas station. Around the area there are some shops for food and coffee, restaurants. Available actvities: bicycle and hiking tours.


Location: Lestijärvi
Location type: vanLestijärviFinland

Located nearby the sea. Available activities: swimming, fishing, canoeing, opportunities for winter sports. Around the area there are some shops for food and coffee.


Location: Mustikkamaan Parkkipaikka
Location type: vanMustikkamaan ParkkipaikkaHelsinki, Finland

Located nearby Helsinki Zoo. Offers many activities such as: hiking, fishing, bicycle tours, shopping. Around the area there are: shops for food/coffee, restaurants, Amusement Park, Athletic Park.


Location: Uikkala
Location type: vanUikkalaRistiina, Finland

Located nearby water. That offers activities such as: swimming, fishing, canoeing and other water sports. Bicycle tours available. Around the area there are some shops, restaurants, supermarket.