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Location: Bonterra Park
Location type: campBonterra ParkBenicàssim, Spain

Large and nice place, very close to the beach and to the center. Many facilities and activities, pools, terraces, sports area, gym and playgrounds. Pets are allowed only in low season.



rating: 44

Location: Solmar
Location type: campSolmarBlanes, Spain

About 200 meters from the beach, restaurant bar in the campsite, outside other shops and restaurants. Pitches under trees, standard services, friendliness in the managers. Secured and supervised camping.


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Location type: vanEscueraElx, Spain

RV park located close to plenty of shops, POIs and restaurants, with basic sanitary facilities and well maintained pitches, excellent spot for both short term and an overnight stay.


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Location type: vanCalle el Agüil Salinas, Spain

RV park located in a peaceful area and close to a few shops and restaurants, well maintained pitches and basic sanitary facilities available on site.


Location: Azahar
Location type: campAzaharBenicàssim, Spain

Big camping area, wide and spacious pitches, partially shaded. Quiet place, especially during the night. Beautiful walking and cycling possibilities.


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Location type: parkingRefradigas KaleaZierbena, Spain

Spacious parking lot located at the marina and wiithin a walking distance to shops and restaurants, good spot for an overnight stay.


Location: Santa Pola
Location type: vanSanta PolaPolígono Industrial, Spain

Camperstop located close to shops and restaurants and a short drive away from the beach, basic sanitary facilities available on-site.



rating: 44

Location: Calle Cabo Falcón
Location type: parkingCalle Cabo FalcónCabo de Palos, Spain

Free parking under the lighthouse and next to several coves (there are 2 from the parking lot) there are 20 large spaces and the lateral ones, at night a lot is released and you can move to the central ones to sleep. There is a beach bar eat wooden bathrooms and the views from the lighthouse are spectacular. Very quiet to sleep


Location: Toledo
Location type: natureToledoAlcolea de Tajo, Spain

Camperstop located in a secluded area, with gravel pitches and no sanitary facilities, wild spot good for a short term stay.


Location: El Cantonet
Location type: campEl Cantonet Albanchez de Mágina, Spain

Small campsite situated in a beautiful, secluded area, with basic sanitary facilities, on site restaurant, children's playground and heated outdoor swimming pool, good hiking possibilities nearby.


Location: Villa Gadea
Location type: parkingVilla Gadea Altea, Spain

Very quiet area near the beach. The area with the best views is limited to 2.5m But further back you can park motorhomes There is a beach bar.


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Location type: vanArtesa de SegreArtesa de Segre, Spain

RV park located on a spacious, mixed parking lot, on the outskirts, with basic sanitary facilities on site, shops and restaurants all reachable by foot.