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Location type: parkingKai Tallinn, Estonia

Camperstop located at the marina and close to supermarkets and restaurants, good spot for visting Tallinn and a short-term stay.


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Location type: vanTallinnPirita, Estonia

RV park located at the marina and within a walking distance to shops and restaurants, with basic sanitary facilities on site, short term and overnight stay.


Location: Pirita Harbour Camping
Location type: vanPirita Harbour CampingPirita, Estonia

Camperstop on the banks of the Pirita River where the river meets the sea by Pirita Harbour.


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Location type: vanKassioro PuhkemajaKiidjärve, Estonia

Situated in Southern Estonia, Põlva County, Kiidjärve village. Close to the river Ahja. Surrounded by pure nature. Very quiet and peaceful environment.


Location: Saka Manor
Location type: campSaka ManorSaka, Estonia

Campsite and resort located by the beach, with excellent sanitary facilities, spa and wellness centre, restaurant, barbecue area, multi-sports field and tennis court.


Location: Taevaskoja Salamaa
Location type: campTaevaskoja SalamaaTaevaskoja, Estonia

Family friendly campsite located in a wooded area, with clean sanitary facilities, children's playground, barbecue area, sauna, beach volleyball, multi-sports field and great fishing and hiking possibilities nearby.


Location: Mereoja
Location type: campMereojaEstonia

Family friendly campsite located by the beach, with excellent sanitary facilities, children's playground, on-site shop, barbecue area, sauna, spacious pitches and great fishing and water sports possibilities in the area.


Location: Kiviranna Holiday Home
Location type: campKiviranna Holiday HomeSuure-Rakke, Estonia

Beautiful, family friendly campsite located by the beach, with excellent sanitary facilities, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, sports field, BBQ area, snack bar and great water sports opportunities.


Location: Vanamõisa
Location type: campVanamõisaVanamõisa, Estonia

Very quiet and peaceful place, located in isolated area, surrounded by pure nature. Good and clean facilities. The ideal place to rest and relax.


Location: Randmäe Puhketalu
Location type: campRandmäe PuhketaluMangu, Estonia

Great camping area, beautiful panoramic view. Simple and clean facilities and services. Excellent walking possibilities.


Location: Esplanaadi
Location type: campEsplanaadiPärnu, Estonia

Nice and small camping area in the garden. Very peaceful and quiet location. Friendly host. There is everything you need.