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Location: Nibe haven
Location type: vanNibe havenNibe, Denmark

Beautiful motorhome in harbor with a view of the fjord.Quiet location. Electricity to be paid at 20DDK (2.67€) all facilities available in the harbor building. Pay via machine at the harbor master. Token for shower and washer-dryer also buy via vending machine. Shops and restaurants close by.



rating: 44

Location: Jelling
Location type: parkingJellingJelling, Denmark

Parking at Jelling. Ideal for a short visit to see the runic stones.


Location: Møns Klint
Location type: sightMøns KlintBorre, Denmark

Hugely high limestone cliffs on the sea. The highest cliff is 143 meters and from the nearby visitor center (with museum, also very nice for children) you walk via various stairs and deck paths to various viewpoints. The last few kilometers to get here are on a bumpy, twisty 30 KM/H road with a short steep section (15 degrees, but that's not even 100 meters). Is easy to drive, even with large motorhomes.


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Location type: serviceParkeerplaats PiberhusHaslev, Denmark

Resting place next to highway with two service places.


Location: Fuglebjerg
Location type: parkingFuglebjergFuglebjerg, Denmark

Quiet and level parking space with a beautiful view. The strip is separate from the quiet road, but quite open, but that does not bother you. Picnic benches, bins and a toilet are available. Place for at least 8 campers. Since the view is so beautiful, some people sometimes stop here to view it, so until about 8 pm there can be some activity from a car or five.


Location: Faaborg
Location type: parkingFaaborgFaaborg, Denmark

Seven places on a spacious parking lot where you can spend the night. Not much to do in the area, but quiet. Parking lot has a dream spot and there are benches.


Location: Familie Andersen
Location type: vanFamilie Andersen Viborg, Denmark

Nice place with friendly people. Unobstructed view of garden and field where deer pass. Easy cycling to Viburg, prices in DKR.


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Location type: campFeriepark LangelandHumble, Denmark

Campsite located close to the beach, with good facilities, children's playground, multi sports area, on site shop, heated outdoor swimming pool and restaurant.


Location: Poskær Stenhus
Location type: naturePoskær StenhusKnebel, Denmark

Parking at Poskær Stenhus and a (starting) point for some hiking trails. Cars drive back and forth, but in the evening it becomes quiet and there is room for 3 or 4 campers to spend the night. There is a very simple toilet without sewer connection. There is also the possibility to grab water. The entrance seems a bit tight for large motorhomes, but it is mainly weeds that come against your vehicle.


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Location type: parkingVorupør Thisted, Denmark

Parking space a few 100 meters outside Vorupør and a short distance from the beach. It is not entirely clear whether you are allowed to spend the night here, but there are dozens of campers at night. Attached to a toilet block and you have the possibility to fill water.


Location: Gaardbo Søren Og Karen Marie
Location type: vanGaardbo Søren Og Karen MarieHirtshals, Denmark

Situated in very calm and tranquil environment, a bit isolated area. Located at a farm. Great hiking and cycling possibilities. The ideal place to rest and relax after a long trip. Payment through cash only. Extension cords are available.



rating: 33

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Location type: vanMarsk CampSkærbæk, Denmark

Very good parking space. Price per night DKr 125.00 plus electricity if required. Well-equipped sanitary facilities - clean, but 5 stars. SP very well suited for driving north or back.