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Location: Campotel
Location type: vanCampotelBad Rothenfelde, Germany

Camperstop located on the outskirts, next to the campsite, with basic sanitary facilities. Great spot for an overnight stay and hiking/cycling trips, shops and restaurants nearby. There is a pay terminal where you can pay with cash. Water costs €0,10 per 10 liters. Electricity costs €0,50 per KWH.


Location: Landgasthof Weberhans
Location type: vanLandgasthof WeberhansHarburg (Schwaben), Germany

Camperstop located at the hotel/restaurant parking spot, with basic sanitary facilities, quiet area, close to shops, hiking and cycling trails.


Location: Ferienland Salem
Location type: vanFerienland SalemMalchin, Germany

Camperstop located by the lake, at the hotel/restaurant area, with basic sanitary facilities and pitches, great spot for hiking and cycling trips.


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Location type: vanBauerweg Raa-Besenbek, Germany

Camperstop located in a secluded area, with basic sanitary facilities, good spot for both short term and an overnight stay.


Location: Drügen Kamp
Location type: vanDrügen KampHaltern am See, Germany

Camperstop located close to the beach, next to the campsite, with good sanitary facilities, spacious pitches and a restaurant.


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Location type: vanPirnaPirna, Germany

Camperstop located on the outskirts, close to POIs, shops and restaurants as well as walking/cycling routes, good sanitary facilities available on site.


Location: Iberg Gaststätte
Location type: vanIberg GaststätteHornburg, Germany

Camperstop located next to the restaurant, in a peaceful area, close to hiking and cycling trails, with basic sanitary facilities on site.


Location: Wangen im Allgäu
Location type: vanWangen im AllgäuWangen im Allgäu, Germany

Camperstop near the river and only five minutes on foot from the picturesque old town of Wangen. The wide cycling and hiking trails in and around Wangen can be accessed directly at the camperstop. There is a public toilet at 150 meters.



rating: 44

Location: Bruchstrasse
Location type: vanBruchstrasse Ottenstein, Germany

Motorhome parking located within an idyllic landscape at a private business/home on a farm.



rating: 55

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Location type: vanMagdeburgMagdeburg, Germany

Camperstop at the river Elbe. You pay at the automatic gate and can stay up to 72 hours. Except for every first Sunday of the month, when there is a fish market. There is a facility for waste water disposal on the adjacent parking lot.


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Location type: vanDrei Brüder HöheMarienberg, Germany

Camperstop located at the forest edge, next to a hotel, with basic sanitary facilities and electricity, beautiful walking/cycling routes in the forest nearby. There is a €10 deposit for the key for the toilet.


Location: Bilzbad
Location type: vanBilzbad Radebeul, Germany

Camperstop located next to the leisure center and public swimming pool, close to POIs, shops and restaurants, good sanitary facilities and partly shaded pitches available on site.