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Location type: campBěšinyBěšiny, Czechia

Excellent campsite, equipped with sauna, barbecue area and sports equipment. Friendly and helpful staff.


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Location type: campKlásterský MlýnRejštejn, Czechia

Suitable for families with children, there is a tennis court and a multi-purpose court outside. Amazing walking trails in the area.


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Location type: campJadranFrantiškovy Lázně, Czechia

Very quiet and peaceful campsite, located close to the forest park and 1,5 km from the town center. Great walking and cycling possibilities in the area.


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Location type: campBabylonBabylon, Czechia

Excellent location, surrounded by the forest. Well organized pitches, grass terrain.


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Location type: campJenišovHorní Planá, Czechia

Situated 1.5 km away from Horní Planá, right at the lakefront of Lipno. Clean and well maintained sanitary facilities.


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Location type: campKarlovy Dvory IIHorní Planá, Czechia

Family-run campsite, located 2 km from Horní Planá and 25 km from the UNESCO heritage town, Cesky Krumlov. Nice views, directly at Lipno Lake.


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Location type: campDřeniceCheb, Czechia

Located on Lake Jesenice near Cheb. There is a grassy beach with sun loungers and wooden umbrellas.


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Location type: campHawk IČerná v Pošumaví, Czechia

Wide and spacious camping pitches with an area of 100 m2. Beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding.


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Location type: campNové MěstečkoDlouhá Ves, Czechia

Excellent location, surrounded by the forest and right next to the Otava river in peninsula of protected area Šumava. Nice hiking, fishing and mushroom-picking possibilities.


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Location type: vanMalevilJablonné v Podještědí, Czechia

Camperstop located next to the golf club and restaurant, with basic sanitary facilities and paved pitches.


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Location type: vanHazlov Hazlov, Czechia

Camperstop located at the golf club, on a mixed parking lot, with basic sanitary facilities, short term stay allowed.


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Location type: vanDolní VěstoniceDolní Věstonice, Czechia

Camperstop located right by the water, with good sanitary facilities, barbecue area, children's playground and an on site bar/restaurant.