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Location: Zelglihof
Location type: campZelglihofErmatingen, Switzerland

Campsite on a farm with a beautiful view of the lake. Good sanitary facilities and kitchen. For children there are many play options and animals to pet. Camperstop on a farm and country house that is situated in a great location high above the lake, with stunning views over the Untersee-Rhein region to Constance.


Location: Gasthaus Ziel
Location type: vanGasthaus Ziel Altstätten, Switzerland

Motorhome parking, located next to a guesthouse/restaurant, with nice views of the Rhine Valley, perfect for short-term stay. The restaurant and sanitary facilities have been renewed recently.


Location: Hotel Restaurant Post
Location type: vanHotel Restaurant Post Alt Sankt Johann, Switzerland

Motorhome parking located next to a hotel with a restaurant. If you spend CHF40 or more in the restaurant, the price is discounted to €10. Ideal location for hiking, skiing, biking and much more. Very quiet location, yet in the middle of the village. Shops, supermarket, bank, post office, railways, tennis hall are close by. The famous Thur waterfalls can be reached on foot in 15 minutes.


Location: Relais de la Sarvaz
Location type: campRelais de la SarvazSaillon, Switzerland

Spacious campsite, with a new swimming pool, children's playgrounds, amazing views of the valley and mountains, 2 km from the Thermal Baths of Saillon.


Location: Saillon les bains
Location type: parkingSaillon les bains Saillon, Switzerland

Motorhome parking near thermal baths, without sanitary facilities, max stay 48h.


Location: Lac des Brenets SA
Location type: campLac des Brenets SALes Brenets, Switzerland

Beautiful campsite located in a quiet area by a lake, with excellent sanitary facilities, restaurant, bar, children's playground, games room, multi-sports field, tennis courts, fishing and water skiing available nearby.


Location: RinerLodge
Location type: campRinerLodgeDavos Glaris, Switzerland

Our campsite is located directly on the 'Landwasser' river in the middle of the Graubünden mountains and is open all year round.


Location: Remo Camping Moosbad
Location type: campRemo Camping MoosbadAltdorf, Switzerland

Camperstop is located between the swimming pool Altdorf and the cable car station Eggberge.


Location: Camping am Schützenweiher
Location type: campCamping am Schützenweiher Winterthur, Switzerland

Located within a pristine environment, perfect for families and friends that want to enjoy their holiday in a relaxed atmosphere. Nearby shopping mall, bus station and plenty of other facilities for both adults and children.


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Location type: vanSempachSempach, Switzerland

Camperstop with basic facilities, located next to the campsite and mixed parking lot and close to a supermarket, good spot for both short term or an overnight stay.


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Location type: parkingBannwilBannwil, Switzerland

Big parking space, there is a river nearby. Great walking and cycling possibilities.


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Location type: natureTrientTrient, Switzerland

Located near the river, amazing natural surroundings. No facilities.