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Location type: vanHexenplatzstrasseSusten, Switzerland

Camperstop off the highway and opposite a gas station, close to the town centre with shops and restaurants, basic sanitary facilities and electricity available on-site.


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Location type: vanGrenzstrasse Nohl, Switzerland

Camperstop located in a peaceful area, right by the river, with excellent sanitary facilities and close to the border, great spot for an overnight stay.


Location: Idyll
Location type: campIdyllThal, Switzerland

Excellent campsite, everything is very clean and tidy, good facilities and services. Well organized pitches. There is everything you need.


Location: Airolo
Location type: vanAirolo Airolo, Switzerland

Free motorhome parking without sanitary facilities.



rating: 22

Location: Bauernhof Gerbeweid
Location type: vanBauernhof GerbeweidWeggis, Switzerland

Short term stay, location at a private home/business.


Location: Ferienhof Ruti
Location type: campFerienhof Ruti Morschach, Switzerland

Located within an idyllic scenery, family-friendly campsite with all essential sanitary facilities, as well as children's playground, perfect for short-term stay (up to 24h).


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Location type: vanGrütlistrasseSt. Gallen, Switzerland

RV park located on a mixed parking lot, next to the sports field, with basic sanitary facilities and within a walking distance to shops and restaurants, good spot for a short term stay.


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Location type: vanKreuzgasse Adelboden, Switzerland

Camperstop located in a peaceful area, close to a restaurant, with basic sanitary facilities, mixed parking lot, good skiing and hiking possibilities nearby.


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Location type: vanLutryAran, Switzerland

RV park at the gas station and right off the main highway, basic sanitary facilities and a snack bar available on site, short term stay permitted.


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Location type: vanSaint-BlaiseSaint Blaise, Szwajcaria

Excellent RV park located by the lake and within a walking distance to interesting POIs, shops and restaurants, good sanitary facilities also available on site.


Location: Hofstatt-Derfli
Location type: campHofstatt-DerfliHasliberg, Switzerland

Great place, clean facilities, breathtaking panoramic view. Very quiet area, especially at night. There is everything you need.


Location: Madulain
Location type: campMadulainMadulain, Switzerland

Excellent campsite, well organized pitches. Wonderful views. Great walking possibilities. Everything you need can be found nearby.