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Location type: campMiddelkerkeMiddelkerke, Belgium

Small campsite located close to the beach, with basic sanitary facilities on site, close to cycling/walking paths and shops and restaurants.


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Location type: parkingBeverenBeveren, Belgium

RV park on a mixed parking lot, located next to the sports field and within a walking distance to shops and restaurants, great spot for a short term stay.


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Location type: campMemlingBrugge, Belgium

Campsite with well maintained pitches, clean sanitary facilities, on site restaurant/bar and children's play area, shops and restaurants available within a walking distance.


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Location type: campTrieuxNamur, Belgium

Cozy campsite located in a quiet area yet close to a few shops and restaurants, with basic facilities, spacious pitches, sports field, barbecue area and good walking and cycling possibilities.


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Location type: campDe Devant BouvignesDinant, Belgium

Campsite located right by the river and off the main road, good for a short term stay as it can get quite noisy from the road nearby, good pitches and sanitary facilities available on site.


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Location type: campLes PommiersComblain-au-Pont, Belgium

Located in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, surrounded by beautiful nature on the river Ourthe. Clean and completely renovated sanitary building.


Location: Westende
Location type: vanWestendeMiddelkerke, Belgium

Very beautiful and clean parking space with spacious pitches. Close to the main road. Many facilities and services.



rating: 3.53.5

Location: Hamoir
Location type: vanHamoirHamoir, Belgium

Located right next to the sport fields, surrounded by greenery. Not so crowded, friendly atmosphere. At the parking ticket machine can be paid only with credit card or coin. You can stay here for 1 night.


Location: Natuurlijk Limburg
Location type: campNatuurlijk LimburgVoeren, Belgium

Quiet campsite located in the hilly forests of the Voerstreek, with a heated outdoor swimming pool and restaurant. Beautiful area with an amazing landscape. The ideal place for hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and motorcyclists.



rating: 55

Location: Le Préau
Location type: campLe PréauBernissart, Belgium

Quiet camping close to a fishing pond and to a nature park. There is a mini-golf and a small bar, as well as basic facilities and well maintained pitches.


Location: Leeuwerikenveld
Location type: campLeeuwerikenveldLinter, Belgium

Mini camp site in a nice area, in the middle of nature, with excellent service and facilities and spacious pitches.



rating: 44

Location: Villatoile
Location type: campVillatoileDinant, Belgium

Situated at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes. Cozy place with amazing surroundings, good facilities and spacious pitches, quiet area with nice walking possibilities.



rating: 33