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Location type: vanRetzRetz, Austria

Camperstop located on the outskirts of the town, with basic sanitary facilities, very quiet area, perfect for both short-term and overnight stay, also great walking/cycling routes nearby.


Location: Brunn
Location type: vanBrunnBrunn, Austria

Very well located place, everything you need can be found nearby. Surrounded by greenery. Beautiful panoramic views. Friendly atmosphere.


Location: Mayrhofen
Location type: campMayrhofen Mayrhofen, Austria

Perfect place for adventure-loving campers, this place offers amazing views and plenty of attractions and facilities such as pubs, live music, discos, cinema etc.


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Location type: vanDorfwegTraboch, Austria

Camperstop located on a mixed parking lot, next to the guesthouse, with an on-site restaurant and basic sanitary facilities, great spot for a short-term stay.


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Location type: vanVordernbergVordernberg, Austria

Camperstop located by the main road, with basic sanitary facilities and electricity available on-site, peaceful during nighttime, great for both short-term and overnight stay.


Location: Wimmer
Location type: campWimmerMaurach, Austria

Situated very close to the beach, great restaurant nearby. Family and friendly atmosphere. Clean facilities and services.


Location: Burnner
Location type: campBurnnerDöbriach, Austria

Situated next to Millstattersee, family-friendly campsite, with restaurants, shops and a nearby public transportation, offers plenty of options for an active holiday.


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Location type: vanLaabergstrasse Austria

Camperstop located close to shops and restaurants, gravel, shaded pitches available on-site, quiet area during night hours so perfect for both short-term and overnight stay.


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Location type: vanDrei Mühlen Restaurant - PizzeriaAustria

Campersotp located at the parking lot of a restaurant.


Location: Weisses Rössl
Location type: campWeisses Rössl Oberdellach, Austria

Peaceful campsite located near a lake, with a restaurant, kiosk with food as well as opportunities to spend an active holiday playing water sports, golf or tennis.


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Location type: vanVillaggio Fabiani Camping-Hotel-RestaurantMisselsdorf, Austria

Camperstop located at the parking lot of the Hotel-Restaurant "Villaggio Fabiani".


Location: Danner
Location type: parkingDannerBlindenmarkt, Austria

Free parking area, located right next to the cafe. Quiet and peaceful surroundings. The ideal place to rest and relax while enjoying nature.