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Location: Stellplatz beim Weingut Schaller
Location type: vanStellplatz beim Weingut SchallerPodersdorf am See, Austria

Enjoy the peace and quiet in the camperstop located behind the house on a vineyard with great, well-maintained facilities. The village center with restaurant and wine taverns is just a few minutes walk away.


Location: Gasthof Lahnerhof
Location type: vanGasthof LahnerhofObergail, Austria

Quiet,camperstop with a unique panoramic view located on the parking lot of a family-run inn.


Location: Freizeitanlage Frauenwieser
Location type: vanFreizeitanlage Frauenwieser Mitterschlag, Austria

Located near a lake, perfect place for short-term motorhome stay with all necessary facilities.


Location: Parkplatz Bachweg Brücke
Location type: vanParkplatz Bachweg BrückeBad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal, Austria

IlluminatedCamperstop on a fortified ground in a quiet location. The usage card can be purchased at the OMV petrol station in Bad St. Leonhard.


Location: Stellplätze im Naturpark Hohe Wand
Location type: vanStellplätze im Naturpark Hohe WandMaiersdorf, Austria

Camperstop situated in the nature park Hohe Wand that offers many different activities like paragliding, hiking, climbing, etc.


Location: Stellplatz an der Tankstelle Viehhauser
Location type: vanStellplatz an der Tankstelle ViehhauserGroßarl, Austria

Camperstop at the parking lot of a car dealer Suburu.


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Location type: vanJosefshof Breitenfeld an der Rittschein, Austria

Motorhome parking located at a private business/home on a farm.


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Location type: vanBergbahn Leogang Hütten, Austria

Motorhome parking with essential sanitary facilities, near shops and restaurants.


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Location type: vanFritzbauer Saalfelden am Steinernen Meer, Austria

Peaceful motorhome parking located on a farm, camping behavior not allowed.


Location: Union Sportclub
Location type: vanUnion Sportclub Deutschfeistritz, Austria

Motorhome parking at a private home or business, with basic sanitary facilities.


Location: Aggsbach-Markt
Location type: vanAggsbach-Markt Austria

Motorhome parking with basic sanitary facilities.


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Location type: vanReisemobilplatz am SportplatzAustria

Free camperstop located on a parking lot perfect for exploring the area around Weistrach.